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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Cloud Video Surveillance

By Chuck Robinson

Cloud video surveillance systems have been a growing trend in recent years as the technology has continued to improve. However, the demand for this technology is even greater now thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Because many offices are closed or working with a skeleton crew on site, business owners and managers are increasingly looking for more effective and efficient ways to monitor their property while they are not there. And cloud-based video surveillance systems make this easier than ever before.

Biggest Business Benefits for Cloud Video Surveillance

Here are some just some of the reasons we are recommending cloud-based video surveillance systems to businesses in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee.

1. Better analytics and reporting.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to a cloud video surveillance system is the robust analytics and search capabilities that they are able to offer. Instead of scrolling through hours of footage to find the clip you need, cloud surveillance systems give you the ability to quickly find video clips based on advanced search parameters.

With a traditional server-based system, however, you are limited to the processing power of your machine. By offloading video surveillance to the cloud, you don’t have to worry about that. Cloud-based surveillance gives you the ability to use the bandwidth and power of the cloud servers to take smarter action.

For example, you can search for a person by uploading a picture and the system will find all of the clips containing that person. Or, in a matter of seconds, you can retrieve all of the clips where people or vehicles were detected on the camera. These advanced clouds systems even allow you to search for people wearing a certain color of clothing.

These advanced analytics and search capabilities eliminate the time it takes to locate the footage you need. And when you’re trying to identify a potential security breach or isolate a problematic incident, that matters a great deal.

2. Less maintenance than traditional server-based systems.

Contrary to popular belief, video surveillance systems are not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Servers for traditional, server-based video surveillance systems require a good amount of maintenance.

For instance, every time you add cameras, you have to make sure your server has enough storage capacity and processing power to handle the new camera count. Plus, the server requires regular software updates and patches to ensure it works properly. And, after a few years, surveillance servers are often outdated or won’t be able to handle the load from newer cameras.

As a result, most businesses need to replace their surveillance server every three to five years, even though the hardware has a lifespan of seven to 10 years. But, the reality is that many businesses don’t want to deal with managing, updating or upgrading their surveillance server.

That’s why a cloud-based surveillance system is a better approach for many businesses. Because everything is either stored in the cloud, within the camera, or inside a small appliance onsite, businesses don’t have the hassle and expense of maintaining and upgrading their server on a regular basis.

Cloud-based video surveillance cameras are updated automatically without any intervention from the client. Plus, the updates, patches and feature upgrades are all included within the licensing cost of the cloud usage. All of this translates to less work for your business.

3. More secure. 

Although video surveillance systems are meant to help with security, traditional server-based systems can open you up to cybersecurity threats. In fact, according to Symantec, 15 percent of all attacks in 2018 originated from a CCTV server or connected camera. These breaches can occur either on-site or by entering the system through remote access points.

This is especially true if companies do not regularly update their software or install the necessary security patches to keep their server safeguarded.

Cloud-based surveillance systems eliminate that vulnerability because you no longer have a server on site. Cloud surveillance systems have a higher level of authentication protocols and more data encryption than a local server.

Eliminating a local surveillance server reduces cybersecurity threats and eliminates on-site security vulnerabilities. Ultimately, this means that your data, network and information is more secure by using the cloud for video surveillance.

4. Easier for budgeting.

The server is a pretty substantial part of the cost for installing a video surveillance system. However, when budgeting for a new video surveillance system, many businesses fail to factor in the cost of the server––both the cost of the server itself and the cost to maintain or upgrade it down the road.

For example, we consulted with, designed and installed a traditional surveillance system with 32 surveillance cameras for a developer at a multifamily property. When the building finally opened almost two years later, the property had a total of 60 cameras. By doubling the amount of cameras on the property, they needed an entirely new server that could handle that increased load before the first tenant ever stepped foot on the property.

This kind of scenario is pretty common. In the design phase of the building, businesses may think they only need a certain number of cameras. (That’s why we recommend working with a security integrator earlier in the design of your building.) But, once the operations team gets involved, they realize more cameras are needed to fully cover the property.

In contrast, with cloud surveillance cameras, you are only dealing with the cost of the camera, the cost to install it, and the annual licensing fee for cloud-based storage and service. And the annual licensing fee includes all of the software updates and security patches you need to keep your cameras running properly. That also means if your cloud-based service adds more features, there are no additional costs to get those features. You don’t have to worry about upgrading your server to get more capabilities.

This makes it a lot easier to budget for adding cameras or installing a new system when you only have to worry about the per-camera cost.

5. Easier to use and deploy.

One of the most common requests we get from our clients is the ability to check their cameras on their phone or tablet.

Cloud-based surveillance makes this easier than ever before. You don’t have to remote into the network to find the camera. You simply open the app on your phone and you can quickly take a look at the live feed from your surveillance cameras.  Many cloud based systems offer full control from their mobile applications fully eliminating the need for a traditional, thick client to be installed on a PC or Mac.

Plus, cloud surveillance systems are far easier and less costly to deploy than a traditional server-based system. As long as we have open switch ports, we only need to run the network cable and install the cameras, meaning in most instances we can have everything up and running for you in about a week.

That’s not the case with a traditional video surveillance system, which requires us to install, update, configure and program the server.

So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution that can be up and running quickly, cloud video surveillance is a great choice for you.

How Cloud-Based Surveillance Can Help Your Business Amidst COVID-19

As business leaders are looking for ways to keep their company safe and operational during the COVID-19 outbreak, cloud-based surveillance is one great way to keep eyes on your facility even if your full team is not there.

Here are just a few of the ways cloud-based video surveillance can be valuable to you right now:

Get Cloud Surveillance at Your Facility

Ready to deploy a cloud surveillance solution at your facility? We are able to get businesses in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee up and running in about a week.

Because we have been deemed an essential service, we are still able to access buildings in the area. And because many businesses have few people on site right now, we can install your system without interrupting your regular flow of business.

If you’re looking for a fast, simple and easy-to-use solution to keep an eye on your facility while you’re not there, a cloud-based video surveillance system would be an excellent solution for you. Contact us to get a free consultation today.

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