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Who is a Good Fit for ACT?

By Chuck Robinson

At ACT, we understand that client relationships represent the most important part of our business. Security is not something we take lightly, so we do our best to partner with people who understand the value of the work we do.

Just as business owners are looking for a security team who can provide great service and maintain a positive working relationship, we look for customers who are open to our processes and align with our values. 

If you’re trying to find a new security partner and wonder if ACT might be the right fit for your company, here’s an overview of what we look for in our clients. 

3 Characteristics of an Ideal Client

Though ACT works with companies that vary in size and industry, we try to focus on government, enterprise and multi-site organizations with mid to large-scale projects.

But beyond the specifics of the project, we also look for clients who align with our company values in three key areas:

1. They Prioritize Partnerships Over Cost

When deciding whether or not to bid on a new project, ACT avoids clients who have an unrealistic budget for the type of systems they need, as well as clients who care less about quality than they do about cost. 

We understand that pricing is an important part of the conversation when looking for a new security provider. But cost should not drive the entire decision-making process, and if it does, ACT will likely not be the best fit for the project.

Instead, we prefer to work with clients who understand the value of investing in technology. Some companies will offer cheaper prices than we do, but they often lack the expertise to install and service your systems properly. 

Our team is also uniquely equipped to partner with you throughout the entire life cycle of a system — from design to installation to maintenance — so we love working with clients who view us as a partner rather than a one-time service provider.

2. They Value Long-Term Relationships

Every member of our team at ACT prides themselves on delivering great work, but we also understand that relationships matter just as much.

We’re extremely proud of the fact that we lose less than 3 percent of our customers each year, and most of our clients have worked with us for many years.

Additionally, our company has a large, fully-staffed service team that’s dedicated to servicing our customers’ systems for years into the future. 

Not all security companies offer this, so we try to work with clients who understand the value of our service agreements, which guarantee service at a fixed price for a fixed amount of time and can save you money in the long run. We even use an online service portal that makes it easy for you to log and track service tickets.

3. They are Open to Collaboration

Some businesses like to bring on a security vendor at the very end of a project, but at ACT, we prefer to work with clients who bring us in early and allow us to contribute to the design process. 

When we do the system design, we can create a custom system that’s more aesthetically pleasing and fosters a seamless experience for everyone who sets foot in the building.

Plus, we can save our clients money by noticing design flaws that an architect or contractor is not trained to notice.

By collaborating with our clients throughout the design and installation process, we find that we’re able to better address their concerns, needs and desires for the building, and as a result, clients are more satisfied with the final product. 

Who is Not a Good Fit for ACT

Some companies try to bid on every opportunity that comes their way, but at ACT, we refuse to compromise on certain issues, even when it means missing out on a big project.

In fact, we go through a screening process with potential clients and try to find those who are the right fit for our company before bidding on a project.

At every stage of our process, the single most important factor for us is respect and courtesy. Whether a client is talking to our receptionist or to a service technician, they must treat every member of our team with respect. If anyone fails to do this, we’re not afraid to end that relationship. For example, we once worked with a contractor who was mistreating and taking advantage of its subcontractors, so we no longer bid on work with that contractor. 

Additionally, we stay away from projects where people are just looking for the lowest cost possible and don’t care about quality.

And if a client is continually delinquent on their bills or demeans our collections staff, we will end that relationship if a level of understanding cannot be reached.

Find the Partner Your Business Deserves

If you appreciate quality and value relationships, then we’d love to get to know you. We’re always looking to connect with new clients and start building strong, lasting partnerships. 

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how ACT can provide the highest caliber of security for your Nashville-area business.

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