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Top Five Trends in School Security

By Randy Mann

As a school administrator, there is nothing more important than the safety and security of your students and staff. The need for a specialized school security system that meets your unique needs is a priority to ensure your building is prepared if the unexpected happens.

Security technology is constantly changing and improving. As a result, it can be difficult to know what’s best in access control, video surveillance, alarms and communication systems. That’s why it’s important to work closely with an experienced security integrator to make sure your school’s security system is smart – and works properly when you need it most.

Five ways to make your school safer

A trusted school security company can help you select the right technology for your school’s needs, but it can also be helpful to understand the latest school security trends and current solutions to make your school safer.

Here are the top five trends we’re seeing in educational security and access control:

1. Built-in analytics in video surveillance systems.

Put your video surveillance cameras to work with built-in intelligence that can search for people or objects based on specific criteria. For example, you can tell the system to search for a white pickup truck on the premises, a six-foot-tall person wearing a blue coat, or activity in a certain area of a building. The system will help you locate the person or item.

Administrators can rely on real-time monitoring and alerts instead of (or in addition to) human monitoring.

2. Mass-notification broadcast.

We live in an instant-information society and communicating important school alerts should be no exception.

Phone calls are becoming a more outdated approach to sending mass notifications. Instead, today’s systems can send news and instructions to a contact or subscriber list within a specific bulletin area via text message or email.

Share news quickly with alerts such as: active shooter, weather evacuations, shelter in place, school closures, early dismissals, communicable disease notices and more.

3. On-site mass communication.

Some schools restrict student’s cell phone access, so communicating news and announcements via text or email is not possible. A mass communication system can push messages to hallway monitors, computer screens or key individuals to activate an action plan.

These systems allow you to control content on site and update information at any time.

4. Smartphone access control.

Eliminate the need for swipe cards and badges by placing student, staff and visitor credentials in the palms of their hands, via smart phone access control.

Users like the convenience of credentials on their smartphone – which they already have with them – and administrative staff can set up a new smartphone account faster than printing a badge.

However, if traditional credentials make more sense for your facility, your security integrator can install the latest software and hardware for guest registration and badging. This is something we regularly do for our school clients.

5. Gunshot recognition microphones.

When seconds matter, programmed smart microphone technologies, such as ShotSpotter, can detect the sound of gunshots or glass breaking. The mics are separate from video surveillance, allowing each system to search for the incident independently.

Although these microphones are set up on a different system, it can still be integrated to work with other security systems in the school. For instance, the smart microphone can activate cameras to point and zoom toward an audio incident or trigger the alarm system to alert authorities or engage lock-down.

Smarter Security Solutions for Safer Schools

Whether your current system needs an upgrade, or you are working with an architect on new construction, equipping your school facilities with the best and most effective educational security is easy with guidance from [ACT’s team of experts].

Our knowledge of cutting-edge solutions, and how to integrate them best with your school’s facility and communication systems within your budget makes the process painless and hassle-free. Contact us today to learn more.

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