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Top Business Security Trends for 2018

By Michael Blakley

As technology advances, we continue to see new innovations in security products. The latest devices are simpler, smarter and more efficient than they were just a few years ago. Businesses have more capabilities with their systems, and it’s easier than ever to access them.

So what will the top business security trends look like in 2018? Where will more companies be focusing their attention in the New Year?

Below is a trio of business security trends you can expect to hear more about moving forward.

3 Business Security Trends to Watch in 2018

Based on what we’re seeing from businesses right now, these trends in security, cameras, and access control will only gain more steam in the coming year:

1. Mobile credentials

This is the big trend of the moment in business security: Access control technology that enables individuals to open doors with a smartphone or smartwatch (as opposed to a key card or fob). It’s what clients are talking about and looking for right now, and we’ll only see more of it in 2018.

The great thing about this technology is not only is it very cool and convenient, it’s also a more secure option for credentialed access control.

2. Internet of Things

The “internet of things,” which involves the ability of devices on a network to connect, talk and share data, has been a hot trend for a few years now. But now, we’re starting to see this become more prevalent in security technology.

There are a lot more web capabilities in the devices we use today, which enables us to remotely check the status of a device, proactively let clients know something is wrong, and send a tech out to fix it.

That’s the real benefit of enhanced connectivity for security products—it’s more about diagnostic tools for critical infrastructure. You can know if your hard drive failed, if a server is overheating, or a card reader is malfunctioning. Users can get a more graphical interface that clearly shows when something went wrong.

3. Advanced analytics for video surveillance cameras

There have been some great advances in video camera technology in recent years that have provided companies with some valuable new capabilities (for both security and business purposes). Here are some examples:

These capabilities are extending the value of security cameras, enabling them to do more things automatically and providing more information about your business. That’s the basic driving force behind all these trends—giving you more control over your business by making your security simpler and smarter.

Have questions about how these technologies could work for your company? Send us a quick message, we’d be happy to discuss them with you.

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