Next-level video surveillance. Seeing is believing.

Get a better view of what’s happening in your business. Advanced video surveillance means greater protection of your assets and higher productivity from your people.

More Than Security Cameras

Today’s video surveillance technology can do more than just improve security. It can help you increase productivity and accountability. Put cameras to work to reduce liability and ensure safety procedures are being followed.

24/7 Mobile Access

You want to know what’s going on in your business at all times, not just when you’re there. Get advanced security camera solutions that enable you to view high-definition video of any area of your business, at any time, right from your phone or tablet.

Advanced Analytics

Experience video surveillance solutions that deliver advanced analytics and business intelligence. Our tools can help you track a person throughout your property, count heads and even use heat mapping to see how long people are dwelling in certain areas.

Protect your business with the latest video technology

Grainy, static security cameras are a thing of the past. Upgrade your business with high-definition cameras that see more, do more and reveal more. See who’s coming in your doors and gates. Keep a closer eye on your most important assets. Access video feeds from anywhere. Whether you want to improve your security or make your operations more efficient, we can help you achieve your goal.

Make sure your security cameras are always working

Ever realized your video surveillance system wasn’t recording properly or storing footage? Or, have you scrolled through your surveillance footage only to realize something is obstructing the view? That’s where ACT’s preventative maintenance and video diagnostic services come in.

We’ll perform a preventative maintenance inspection on your system to make sure it’s working when it counts. Plus, with our monthly diagnostic services, we’ll make sure nothing is standing in the way of recording crisp, clear video footage of your business. Contact us to learn more.

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