List of Largest Technology Products Firms

ACT Named to Nashville Business Journal’s Largest Technology Products Firms in Nashville List Two Years Running

For the second year in a row, ACT made the Nashville Business Journal’s list of the “Largest Technology Products Firms in Nashville.”  Last year we ranked at number eight on this list, and in 2021,...

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Security Supply Chain Delays
Business Security

The Impact of Supply Chain Delays on the Security Industry

The entire security industry is currently experiencing supply chain delays due to COVID-19, and the impact is going to last longer than we initially expected.  At ACT, we’re committed to keep delivering great service to...

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Investing in Church Security
Business Security

Common Security Measures Every Church Should Implement

If you’re on staff at a church, it may seem challenging to find a balance between keeping your facility secure while also creating an open, welcoming environment. Rather than viewing security considerations as a list...

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Problems in the Security Industry
Business Security

4 Major Problems in the Security Industry Today

Finding the right security partner is one of the single most important things you can do for your facility.  Not only does security directly impact the safety of every person in your building, but it...

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Consider These Questions When Interviewing New Security Partners
Access Control

6 Questions to Help You Find the Right Commercial Security Partner

When it comes to finding the right commercial security partner, you should never cut corners. While all companies may promise similar results, not all security providers have the level of expertise your specific project or...

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Access Control

How Security Industry Supply Chain Delays Could Impact Your Project

The entire security industry is currently experiencing supply chain delays due to COVID-19. At ACT, we’re working hard to plan ahead and keep delivering great service to our clients in as timely a fashion as...

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Introducing Autocall: Our New Fire and Life Safety Partner
Fire & Life Safety

Introducing Autocall: Our New Fire and Life Safety Partner

As part of our commitment to providing the best, most cutting-edge technology, we are excited to be partnering with Autocall as a new partner for fire and life safety systems. With Autocall, we can provide...

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The Importance of Security Design at Peabody Plaza
Business Security

How Security Design Made a Difference for Peabody Plaza

Proper security design can not only keep people safe, but also save building owners time, money and peace of mind. At ACT, we believe that involving a security team early on in the building process...

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Meet the ACT Security Leadership Team

Get to Know the ACT Leadership Team

At ACT, we are in the business of helping people––whether that’s ensuring your business is safe and protected by designing a security system or making your job easier through hassle-free security repairs and maintenance. The...

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Why Choose ACT as Your Security Service Team
Access Control

5 Reasons Why ACT Should Be Your Security Service Team

When it comes to commercial fire and life safety and security, a lot of emphasis is placed on selecting the right system or technology. While that’s definitely an important aspect of selecting a security integrator,...

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ACT Security technician working on managed IT network
IT Networks

4 Key Reasons to Choose a Managed IT Network

Network technology is such an integral part of business today that most companies can’t afford to have interruptions, outages or connectivity issues. If employees can’t get online or access the company’s shared server, it can...

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Answers to Your Top Fire Alarm Inspection Questions

It’s 2 a.m. You are asleep when you are awakened by the chirping. You know the one. It’s annoying and loud. It also means your smoke detector needs a new battery. An inconvenient time for...

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