Security in Building Design
Business Security

Why Security Contractors Should Be Involved Early in Corporate Building Design

Security and access control are must-have features for any large-scale corporate office building. Although building owners, general contractors and architects understand the necessity of security and access control systems for their building, what they might...

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Business Security

Top Five Trends in School Security

As a school administrator, there is nothing more important than the safety and security of your students and staff. The need for a specialized school security system that meets your unique needs is a priority...

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Importance of BDA systems for emergency personnel
Business Security

What Electrical Contractors Need to Know about Bi-Directional Amplifier Systems

Emergency responders rely extensively on their radios to communicate inside buildings. However, in today’s modern urban landscape, dense surroundings and construction can interfere with radio signals and can render responder’s radios ineffective. This is extremely...

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Lifeway Access Control glass turnstiles
Business Security

How We Created Design-centric Security for Lifeway’s New Headquarters

It’s not uncommon for us to work with our commercial clients on access control and security for their brand new facilities. However, one of our most recent projects had some unique complexity because the property...

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How Restaurant Technology Improves the Dining Experience
Business Technology

How Restaurant Technology Improves the Dining Experience

From driving ranges with games using micro-chipped balls to virtual reality arcades, technology is helping businesses create unforgettable experiences for patrons. Now it’s easier than ever for restaurants to engage with guests and stand above...

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Business Security

Choosing the Right Door Lock Technology for Your Commercial Building

Designing and constructing a new building takes meticulous planning from both the architect and the business owner. Together, you must understand how the space will be used, what the mechanical, plumbing and electrical needs are,...

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Installing door hardware
Business Security

Who Should Be Installing Security Door Hardware at a Business?

When it comes to designing and building a large commercial construction project, electrified door hardware may not rank high on the list of priorities. And yet, this small issue can quickly create a big headache...

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Access control credential technology
Business Security

Which Credential Technology is Right for Your Business?

Now more than ever, keeping your employees safe and your facilities secure are two of the highest priorities you face as an employer. Your people are your greatest assets and their security is very likely...

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6 Reasons Your Company's Video Surveillance Will Fail You
Business Security

6 Reasons Your Company’s Video Surveillance Will Fail You

Ever realized the video surveillance system for your business wasn’t recording properly or storing footage? Or, have you scrolled through your surveillance footage only to realize something is obstructing the view? Unfortunately, most businesses only...

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Business Security

Top 8 Reasons Your Business Needs an Access Control System

Building security is a common concern for businesses. And yet, many business owners may not realize they need or value of an access control system. Oftentimes, business owners recognize they have access problems and they...

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Why fire inspections are so important
Business Security

3 Reasons Why Annual Fire Inspections Are So Important

When you think about annual fire inspections, it might simply be something you view as an annual requirement by the local fire marshal. However, annual fire inspections serve an important function for your business that...

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Home Technology

How Do I Get Better Wi-Fi Coverage Throughout My Home?

Slow Wi-Fi is incredibly frustrating. When Wi-Fi isn’t running at optimal levels, it impedes business conducted from home offices, slows down streaming services, kills phone calls, and interrupts your video chats with loved ones. Every...

By Matt Grant Read More

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