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4 Key Reasons to Choose a Managed IT Network

By Tim Lange

Network technology is such an integral part of business today that most companies can’t afford to have interruptions, outages or connectivity issues. If employees can’t get online or access the company’s shared server, it can cause a major disruption to the flow of business.

As the saying goes, technology is great… until it doesn’t work.

The problem is that for many small-to-medium businesses, they don’t have the budget or bandwidth for a full-time IT staffer, let alone a full technology department. As a result, many companies are left scrambling when there are network outages or bandwidth issues.

So, what’s the solution?

For many smaller organizations, managed IT networks can give them the support they need without the cost of a full-time employee.

What is a managed IT network?

A managed IT network is simply a network that is managed off-site by a third party, typically a managed IT service provider. Managed IT networks give you enterprise-grade service and technology without having to maintain the network infrastructure yourself.

That’s why this approach is often used for smaller businesses without the on-site experience to manage their own network.

What are the benefits of managed IT networks?

Here’s a look at some of the key reasons why small-to-mid-sized businesses might want to explore a managed network.

1.Reduced cost. 

First, and foremost, outsourcing your network management will often cost you less than paying a full-time employee. Plus, you will be more likely to avoid costly outages and downtime because you have a team dedicated to keeping your system running smoothly.

This also frees up your team to focus on their core responsibilities instead of worrying about technology issues that are outside of their wheelhouse.

Plus, managed IT gives you enterprise-grade service without the price tag of larger systems.

2. Full coverage and support.

With managed IT, someone is always watching your network.

At ACT, we watch for unusual trends or issues, so we can be proactive and make necessary adjustments to prevent an outage. And if there is a network failure, we will get a notification so we can handle it right away.

Essentially, we serve as your security backstop. If something goes wrong, we’ll be right there with an intimate knowledge of your system and what fix is needed.

3. Expert insights to optimize performance.

A third-party IT provider knows how your network should function and operate and can make recommendations to get the most out of your system.

For example, companies often have no idea if the WiFi speeds they are getting is what is promised by your internet provider. We can take a look at that to ensure you’re getting the best speed.

Having an expert team monitor your system will ensure it’s always working at its best.

4. Improved efficiencies. Less time and hassle.

If you’re already working with a security technology company, having them handle your IT network will save you time and prevent headaches.

For instance, if you have an outage with your IT network, it can impact all of your security systems––access control, alarm monitoring, etc. When you have multiple companies handling these different technologies, it can take longer to get things resolved. It means the different companies have to go back and forth to troubleshoot the issue and find where the problem lies.

Having one company handle all of your security technology plus your IT network will mean that your issues will get resolved quicker and create less hassle for you. Plus, with this approach, you can rest easy knowing that your IT network is set up to handle the demands of your security systems.

Why Do Nashville Businesses Choose ACT for Managed IT?

There are a lot of companies that offer installation services, but not nearly as many that provide proactive, responsive service.

Our service department is structured to meet the needs of clients in a timely manner. That’s why so many companies switch to us––our fast, quality service cannot be beat.

And because we can handle your full suite of security needs––including alarm monitoring, access control and video surveillance––we are equipped to help keep your company safe and operating smoothly from every angle.

You spend a lot of money on hardware, software and systems to make your company work well and be safe. Shouldn’t you trust the network monitoring and upkeep to someone who can do the same?

If you are ready to make your network management more efficient, give us a call.

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