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What Makes ACT Nashville’s Best Security and Technology Company

By Joel Hill

Choosing a security and technology partner for your business is not something to take lightly. After all, this company will be responsible for setting up the systems that keep the people and things in your life safe. Not to mention, security, access control, and technology are systems that you, your team or your family will use every day.

That’s why it pays to get it right. You don’t just want a vendor. You want a security and technology partner who can assess your needs and build the just-right system for your home or business. For many businesses and homeowners, your best bet will be working with a security and technology integrator that takes a holistic approach to ensure everything works together as it should.

Why Makes ACT Different than Other Nashville Security Companies

Although we can’t tell you who to choose as your partner, we can share what makes ACT different than other security and technology companies in Nashville and why we believe that we are the very best in town.

Here are just a few things you get when you choose ACT as your security and technology provider:

1. A hassle-free one-stop shop.

There are many smaller security and technology providers that only provide one thing – a security system, video cameras or audio/visual. And while that might be okay in some instances, we know that many businesses and homes need more than that.

At ACT, we can do it all. In addition to providing both residential and commercial solutions, our team offers a wide array of services – ranging from security and fire and life safety systems to home automation and home entertainment solutions. This means you don’t have to rely on multiple providers for your technology and security needs.

Working with one provider ensures all of your systems work together seamlessly. Not only does that give you a better system, but it also saves you the hassle and headache of dealing with multiple vendor partners.

2. Systems custom-designed for your needs.

Why Your Business Needs a Security Integrator

At ACT, we don’t just install cameras or security systems. Every project is custom-designed for the unique needs of your building or home. We integrate our solutions into your building’s design to give you an elegant solution.

That means, we design solutions that cater to how you live and work. We take your existing systems into account so your security and technology solutions integrate with them seamlessly. Plus, we focus on giving you smart and sophisticated solutions that are easy to use and disappear into the design of your home or business.

3. Extraordinary customer experience.

The security and technology industry isn’t typically known for its customer service. But, ACT is striving to change that. While we might not be perfect, we are 100% committed to being the best in security and technology company in Nashville.  That means we are fanatical about customer service and delivering an extraordinary customer experience that makes your life simpler.

We want to remove the hassle and frustration from your technology and security needs. That’s why we not only design and install your system, but we also provide the training and ongoing support you need to make sure everything runs smoothly.

And if something is wrong, we will do everything we can to make things right for you. How many security and technology companies say that?

4. Expertise you can count on.

Founders of ACT, Nashville's best security and technology company

ACT was founded in Nashville by two local titans in security and technology who each have spent more than 30 years in the industry. Plus, many of our team members have decades of experience in their given areas of expertise. There are not many Nashville security and technology companies that can say that.

The bottom line is that you can rest easy knowing that our team has extensive experience with homes and businesses just like yours. That’s why you can trust our recommendations are geared with your needs in mind.


5. A Nashville-based partner.

As Nashville has grown, larger security and technology providers have moved into the market. But we know Nashville. Our owners live and work here as does our team.

Because we are locally owned and operated, we are 100 percent committed to the people and businesses in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. That’s why we invest in giving back to our community. We love working with our friends, colleagues, and neighbors to make Nashville’s businesses and homes safer and smarter.

Experience What Makes ACT the Best Security Provider in Nashville

If you think ACT sounds like a good partner for you, we’d love to talk! Contact us to schedule a free consultation or site visit. We would love to discuss how we can help you achieve a smart, simple and streamline security and technology solution for your business or home.

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