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Firmware Update Required for Mercury Security’s Leap Year Issue

By Chuck Robinson

Mercury Security recently alerted security integrators about a critical issue that will impact the ability for several of their access control products to operate properly after Leap Day, which is February 29, 2020.

According to Mercury, the LP Intelligent Controllers will not properly handle time and date calculations starting March 1. Although the result of this issue is unknown, the concern is that it could impact the functionality of the access control system.

LP Intelligent Controllers Affected by Leap Day Issue

The following LP Intelligent Controllers are affected by this issue:

These boards are commonly used in S2Netbox, LENEL OnGuard & RS2 access control systems.

If you’re not sure if your access control system uses one of these LP Intelligent Controllers, talk to your security integrator to determine whether your system is affected by this firmware issue.

If you do have one of these controllers, Mercury Security urges all users to update to firmware version before March 1 to avoid any issues with your access control system.

We encourage anyone with these systems to work with your security integrator to ensure the firmware is updated properly.

We are notifying all ACT customers of this issue in order to get service scheduled before the March 1 deadline. If you know you need help with this update, click here to schedule a service request with us.

LP Intelligent Controllers NOT Affected

According to Mercury, not all of their controllers are affected by this issue. The following controllers do NOT need the firmware update:

If you are unsure which LP intelligent controller your system uses, please contact us. We’re glad to help you determine if any action is needed to keep your access control system running properly after Leap Day.

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