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Why Security Contractors Should Be Involved Early in Corporate Building Design

By Randy Dew and Luke Hannibal

Security and access control are must-have features for any large-scale corporate office building. Although building owners, general contractors and architects understand the necessity of security and access control systems for their building, what they might not realize is the importance of involving a security team early in the building design process.

We get why this happens. In the scheme of a massive construction project, security and access control technology systems make up a tiny percentage of the overall budget.

That’s why building security and access control often becomes a “hot potato” project without an owner. It’s not any one person’s responsibility — not the architect, general contractor or electrical contractor. And as a result, when someone finally thinks about security and access control, it is often late enough in the process to actually cause MORE work for everyone involved.

And at first blush, it might not seem that important to include security in the initial building design process. However, this tiny line-item can wreak havoc on a construction project if not handled appropriately.

Top Problems When Security Contractors Aren’t Involved in Building Design

It’s a common scenario – the architect or engineer is pressed for time when designing a building, so he includes specs for door hardware, key card entry systems and other security features from an old bid document. It’s an easy cut and paste solution during the early stages of a building design. However, this quick fix can cause a ripple effect of problems.

If building owners and architects wait too late in the construction process to incorporate security measures, they risk running into the following issues:

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can alleviate a lot of these headaches by involving a security team earlier in the process.

Top Benefits to Including Security Contractors in Building Design

Now, let’s take a look at what happens when you consult with a security contractor when you’re in the design phase of your building. For maximum efficiency and impact, we recommend bringing in your security team during the schematic design phase when the building design is approximately 30-40 percent complete.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of this approach:

Don’t let security and access control of your brand new building become a “hot potato.” Talk to a security integrator at the beginning of your building project and you’ll look like the hero who thought of everything.

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