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Get premiere security and intrusion alarm solutions for your whole business—from the parking lot to the boardroom. All working together seamlessly to give you complete control of your facility.

Total Integration

A key challenge facing many of today’s businesses when it comes to security is products and systems that don’t work together. At ACT, all our security and intrusion alarm solutions are integrated to provide you a simple way to manage everything, all in one place.

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Tailored Solutions

The layout of every property and building is unique. So why would every business use the same solution? At ACT, we design customized systems to address the specific safety and security challenges facing your facility.

Unmatched Protection

Our solutions are designed to provide your business with multiple levels of security to ensure your employees and assets are protected. We also offer dedicated, central station monitoring for intrusion alarms and fire alarms as an added layer of protection.

Building layers of security for your business

No matter your business security needs, ACT has you covered. We’ll help you design a fully integrated system of high-quality security solutions and intrusion alarm systems to build layers of security around your business. Our solutions include:

Preventing issues with your security system

With our intrusion preventative maintenance and monitoring service, we’ll inspect your security system and perform scheduled maintenance on your equipment to ensure everything is working properly. We’ll send test signals to the central station and make sure your alarms will sound at the right time. You’ll get an inspection report, plus the peace of mind that your system will work when it matters most. Click here to get started.

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