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Interlogix Shutdown: What it Means For ACT Customers

By Randy Mann

In recent weeks, we have received news that one of our valued vendor partners, Interlogix, is shutting down its North American alarm business by the end of 2019. This means that as of January 2020, we are no longer able to get parts to repair and support any Interlogix security solutions.

Interlogix is one of the nation’s largest security industry manufacturers. Their decision to shut down their operations has come as a surprise to everyone in the security industry. This is not just something that affects ACT and our customers, but impacts the entire commercial security industry.

Commercial security providers across the country are now working diligently to find ways to support and replace the products that are being discontinued by Interlogix.

What This Change Means for ACT’s Commercial Security Customers

The good news is that Interlogix only makes up a small percentage of our commercial security offerings, so very few ACT customers are affected by this change. The primary systems we use and support, such as Lenel, RS2 and DMP, are completely unaffected by the Interlogix shutdown.

The Interlogix systems we most commonly use with our customers are TruPortal systems and Concord control panels. If the system we installed for you does not include these or other Interlogix systems, there is nothing you need to do as this change will not affect your business.

If You Have a Legacy Interlogix System

For the instances where we used Interlogix systems, we are working to identify new commercial security solutions to replace the ones we have trusted for years. The bigger challenge, however, is supporting existing Interlogix systems because we will no longer be able to get replacement parts.

If we have installed an Interlogix solution at your business, please contact us and we will work with you to determine the best path forward.

Some of our customers may opt to keep their existing system and wait to replace it until repairs are needed. In other cases, it might be best to consider a replacement system now to ensure it will be supported in the months and years to come.

Either way, our team will be happy to meet with you to discuss your options and identify the best approach for your business.

For Open Projects with Interlogix That Have Not Been Installed

If you have an Interlogix system built into your contract with us, we will be contacting you about options for installing your security system. While we can certainly install the Interlogix system as planned, the challenge is that will no longer be able to get parts to repair the system starting in January 2020.

For most of these projects, we are proposing alternative solutions that we know we can support with parts moving forward.

Commercial Security Projects Moving Forward

As a security integrator, it’s our job to not only install commercial security solutions, but to make recommendations based on your needs. That’s why we are doing extensive research and testing to identify new access control, intrusion and CCTV solutions to replace the Interlogix systems moving forward.

When you work with ACT, you’re getting more than a commercial security system. You get peace of mind knowing that we will build a custom-designed commercial security solution with systems you can trust. That’s the ACT difference.

While the Interlogix shut-down is unfortunate, we are confident that we can find new products that will help Nashville businesses keep their employees, customers and assets safe.

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