Keep a better eye on your estate.

Whether you’re across town or across the globe, always know what’s going on around your home with high-definition security camera systems. Get a live look at any room or area of your property, anytime, so you can rest easy.

Nashville Home Security Cameras

Commercial-Grade Camera Solutions

Because your luxury home is large and complex, you need a security camera system to match. Whether you have gates that need to be monitored, multiple buildings to protect, or you just want eyes on all areas of your estate, ACT delivers commercial-grade cameras that provide the extensive coverage you need.

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High-Definition Picture & Performance

Grainy, low-quality video won’t do you any good. You want high-definition video surveillance that allows you to see in clear detail what’s happening at your home. ACT will ensure your video camera system has the bandwidth, frame rate, and resolution to record and store months’ worth of security footage.

Video Analytics 

Get more from your security cameras with advanced analytics. See who’s coming and going and at what times. Prevent problems before they occur by receiving alerts of packages left at the door, suspicious activity on the property, or smoke or fire alarm activation. Your cameras just got a whole lot smarter.

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