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Be confident your family and your luxury home are safe at all times—even when you’re not there. Get advanced home protection and security monitoring you never have to think about.

A Higher Class of Home Security 

Does your home need more than just a basic security system? At ACT, we focus exclusively on designing advanced security solutions for estate and luxury homes that require a higher level of protection. Our commercial-grade solutions will take your home security to the next level.

Powerful & Comprehensive Solutions

Don’t wait until a break-in to ensure you have the best monitoring and protection for your family. Get the highest quality home security solutions—including door alarms, motion detectors, window sensors, and high-definition cameras—to better protect your home and the people in it.

More Control, Less Stress

You want your security system to provide greater peace of mind, not greater aggravation. All our solutions are designed to be smart and simple to control—giving you the protection you need, without the stress you don’t. Access your system anytime, right from your phone or tablet, viewing live video feeds and even getting text alerts.

Does your home security system need an upgrade?

Do you have an outdated or underpowered security system that doesn’t meet the needs of your home? Are there weak points like unmonitored doors or low-quality cameras that are leaving you at risk?

Don’t wait—get the latest solutions designed to secure your whole home in the most effective way possible. Whether it’s a new construction, existing home, or renovation, ACT has your home security needs covered.


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