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Why Your Business Needs a Security Integrator

By Joel Hill

There are a lot of security providers out there. That means you have a lot of options when hiring a company to provide security systems for your business. The question is—what is the right choice for you? What provider will give you the capabilities you need, both today and in the future?

You may have heard the term “security integrator” before. But you may not be entirely sure what that is or how a security integrator differs from a standard security company. Here’s a quick primer on how and why a security integrator will benefit your business.

What Is a Security Integrator?

Security integrators take a holistic approach to security—including security systems, access control, video surveillance, fire protection, etc. Integrators make sure everything works together seamlessly and speaks to each other.

Benefits of Working with a Security Integrator

There are a number of key benefits of working with a security integrator as opposed to a standard security company. Here are five of them:

1. Designed for your needs  

The goal of an integrator is to make your life better and easier. We take a consultative approach to understand your needs, objectives, and the problems you want to solve. From there, we do an on-site assessment of your facilities and design a plan to make everything work together. It’s a more in-depth approach.

2. Integrates with your core business systems

Not only do integrators make sure your security systems work together, we also work to ensure your security systems work seamlessly with the core systems within your business that you already use. It’s our job to make sure your security system works with how you are already doing business.

3. One-stop shop

Instead of having to work with multiple providers, an integrator is your one-stop shop for your security needs. This saves you time and hassle because you can turn to one vendor for all your needs – including video surveillance, security systems, access control, fire protection and more.

4. Expert recommendations

Integrators work with a number of product vendors. Because we have access to a large number of products, we can recommend the best products to meet your specific needs and budget. That way, you’re not locked into a pa

5. Ongoing support for your WHOLE system 

One of the biggest issues with using multiple security systems (access, alarm, video, etc.) is their ability to talk to each other. Even though each system might be functioning well independently, it’s still “broken” if the systems can’t connect.

Integrators are able to identify broken links and service your entire system—not just one piece. Plus, if you ever want to add additional functionality down the road (additional cameras, A/V, automation, etc.), an integrator will have a greater capacity to make that work.

How Is a Security Integrator Different Than a Security Company?

Many smaller security companies, such as installers or dealers, only provide one thing. For instance, they may only sell video surveillance cameras. They can install them for you, but that’s it. They don’t know how to make things work together.

This also means that you may have to work with multiple companies or vendors for different systems (fire, cameras, security systems, and access control). Plus, smaller companies may only sell a certain line of products and may not have access to the breadth and caliber of products that an integrator does.

Why an Integrator Is a Better Option for Your Business Security

With today’s technology, the name of the game is integration. It’s not just about standalone products. It’s about networks of devices working together to provide you a simpler, smarter and more secure experience.

Anyone can sell you a security product. What’s more valuable is an integrated solution designed to meets the unique needs of your business and building, enabling you to accomplish all of your company’s security goals.

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