The Importance of Security Design at Peabody Plaza
Business Security

How Security Design Made a Difference for Peabody Plaza

Proper security design can not only keep people safe, but also save building owners time, money and peace of mind. At ACT, we believe that involving a security team early on in the building process...

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Are Thermal Imaging Cameras A Good Choice for COVID Screenings?
Access Control

Are Thermal Imaging Cameras A Good Choice for COVID Screenings?

Everyone is looking for efficient and cost-effective ways to track and prevent the spread of COVID-19. One solution garnering a lot of attention is the use of thermal imaging camera technology. But, while on the...

By Michael Blakley and Luke Hannibal Read More
ACT custom designs security systems to meet the needs of your building
Business Security

5 Building Design Decisions Your Security Integrator Should Make

We are advocates for incorporating security and access control into the building design process as early as possible. Not only does this approach save you money, but it can also make a big impact on...

By Luke Hannibal and Chris Hines Read More
Security in Building Design
Business Security

Why Security Contractors Should Be Involved Early in Corporate Building Design

Security and access control are must-have features for any large-scale corporate office building. Although building owners, general contractors and architects understand the necessity of security and access control systems for their building, what they might...

By Randy Dew and Luke Hannibal Read More

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