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5 Security Measures Every Assisted Living Facility Should Take

By Michael O'Hara

Patient and resident safety is a top concern for assisted living or long-term care facilities. After all, families are counting on you to care for their loved ones and keep them safe and comfortable. That’s why assisted living security and access control systems are so important. These systems can help you keep patients safe and allow you to spend more time providing the care they deserve.

The good news is that new developments in security, access control and technology can make caring for your residents easier and more efficient than ever before. Below we’ll talk about some of the latest technology and how they can serve your assisted living facility.

Top Assisted Living Security System Needs

Whether you are building a new facility or upgrading your existing one, it’s important to consider security as you make design and building decisions.

Here are five assisted living security measures every facility should include as part of their safety plan to care for residents:

1. Specialized Access Control for Memory Care

Although residents of memory care wings may be very capable physically, they could easily walk to another part of the building or perhaps out of an exit door if their section of the building is not properly secured. That’s why specialized access control is a must for assisted living and long-term care facilities that house residents or patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

When we work with facilities that have memory care units, we recommend the following to ensure the safety of patients with memory loss:

2. Perimeter access control

While your memory care wing needs specialized security measures, the entire building should also take steps to keep residents and staff safe with controlled access points to enter and leave the building. This helps prevent a possible intrusion or entrance by someone who should not be on-site. Plus, this helps keep patients from exiting the building without staff or family present.

At a minimum, all retirement homes, assisted living communities and long-term care facilities should have these elements:

These measures will help control the entrance of guests to the facility, but also keep the patients and residents safe by preventing them from being able to exit the building at certain times. 

3. Fire Alarm & Detection

Fire systems are critical (and mandatory) for any building, but they are especially important in a facility that cares for individuals with mobility challenges who may need extra time to evacuate in the event of an emergency.

Facilities that care for medically fragile patients must have a system that can monitor each part of the building and notify staff and first responders as quickly as possible.

Fire threats can come from patients and staff. For instance, consider these potential issues:

Make sure you work with a fire and life safety provider that can take these issues into consideration and build a specialized system that meets the specific needs of your facility.

4. In-room patient monitoring

Nurses and staff can’t be in every room 24/7, that’s why it’s important to have in-room patient monitoring to provide additional safeguards for patients and notify staff of important activities.

New technology makes it easier than ever before to manage medical care in an assisted living or long-term care environment. These technologies can be installed at any time, even without major changes to building infrastructure:

5. Video Surveillance

Video cameras for surveillance aren’t just to track the location of residents. In fact, many assisted living and retirement facilities find video surveillance beneficial for these uses:

Our video surveillance technology can even be programmed to trigger by a motion sensor, start recording and notify users in the event of trespassing. This eliminates the need for security guards or dedicated security staff.

Stop Worrying About Your Assisted Living Facility’s Security

Technology moves quickly. New security offerings develop all the time. Let us keep up with it so you can focus on caring for your patients and residents.

Contact us to create a customized security plan to meet the unique needs of your assisted living, retirement, skilled nursing or long-term care facility.

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