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Secure, Hassle-Free Deliveries for Multifamily Buildings with Amazon Key

By Chuck Robinson

Managing package deliveries at multifamily facilities, such as apartments or condos, can be a huge hassle.

Not only does your team have to be available during delivery windows, but they also have to let delivery drivers in when they arrive and direct them to where packages are stored. This process can be time consuming and take your staff away from other important tasks.

But, what if you could eliminate a couple of those steps without compromising your building’s security?

It’s possible with Amazon Key for Business. Through our partnership with Amazon, we can help streamline Amazon deliveries for residential multi-unit buildings and communities.

Why Use Amazon Key?

Amazon Key for Business is a more convenient, efficient way to receive Amazon deliveries in lobbies, package rooms, gated communities, and more. It reduces the need for building managers to provide access to Amazon drivers and manage packages. Plus, it eliminates the need for building owners to maintain staff onsite during Amazon’s broad delivery window.

It’s also a nice way to enhance building amenities for free, while giving residents the ability to get packages more quickly and securely.

How Amazon Key Works

With Amazon Key, drivers only enter secure areas after being verified via the Amazon Delivery App. Drivers will then follow step-by-step delivery instructions that guide them to leave packages in the location that works best for building owners and managers.

To get started, Amazon installs a smart device that seamlessly integrates your building’s existing access system with the Amazon delivery app. Once installed, Amazon delivery drivers press the Key for Business access button on their delivery app to gain authorized, time-limited building entry, and deliver packages to your desired location using step-by-step instructions and photos.

Here’s how the delivery process works:


What to expect with Amazon Key deliveries

Benefits of Amazon Key for Multifamily Communities

Here are some of the key benefits to installing Amazon Key at your multifamily facility:

ACT is honored to partner with Amazon Key for Business.  We look forward to helping our Nashville clients operate more efficiently by streamlining Amazon deliveries to multi-unit buildings and gated communities. Download this information sheet to learn more.

Ready to install Amazon Key at your facility? We can help. Click here to contact us or give us a call at 615-333-6300.


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