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ACT Named One of the Largest Technology Products Firms by Nashville Business Journal

By Chuck Robinson

We’re not typically ones to toot our own horns, but today, I’m excited to share that the Nashville Business Journal added ACT to their list of Largest Technology Products Firms in Nashville!

The Nashville Business Journal ranks companies by number of local technology employees. And while ACT is number eight on this list, we are the only security technology company on this list. That makes us the largest local commercial security integrator in Nashville!

Although we’re excited about this recognition, the bigger question is “why does this matter and how does it benefit our customers?”

Why Being The Biggest Security Tech Provider in Nashville Makes Us the Best

We believe there are a few reasons that being the biggest commercial security technology company in Nashville also makes us the best:

1. Depth and breadth of experience.

With more than 40 local tech employees in Nashville, ACT is fully equipped to handle the design, installation, monitoring and service of your security and technology systems.

That means, we have both the capability and the bandwidth to handle your needs––whether it’s repairing a technology issue or helping you design and install a new system.

2. Trusted by Nashville’s top businesses.

We wouldn’t be able to grow our company if we didn’t provide quality work. That’s why Nashville’s top businesses trust us with their commercial security needs and they keep coming back to us.

For instance, when Lifeway was building their new headquarters, they trusted our team with the design and installation of their enterprise-level security system. And we have dozens of other stories like that.

Whether it’s corporate buildings like Nissan or Bridgestone or Middle Tennessee’s top educational institutions, we’re proud to be the commercial security provider Nashville businesses trust.

3. Committed local team.

Unlike many other commercial security integrators in Nashville, ACT is locally owned and operated. We’re not just one of many satellite offices throughout the country.

Nashville is our home.

Our business is local. Our team is local. That’s why we are fully committed to investing in the Nashville community and serving local businesses with their security needs.

As a local business, you can take comfort in knowing that you are reinvesting in Nashville by working with another local company.

Plus, having a dedicated local team matters when you have a critical security issue that needs to be solved. We offer 24/7 monitoring and service support so you always have local help when you need it.

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