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3 Ways Assisted Living Security Keeps Loved Ones Safe

By Michael O'Hara

As CEO & Director of Development at Goodworks Unlimited, Gary Keckley knows the importance of safety and security when choosing residential care for senior family members.

Thousands of families trust Goodworks Unlimited to care for their senior family members at one of their 26 assisted living facilities across Tennessee and Kentucky. That’s why Goodworks partners with ACT to ensure the safety of all of their residents.

Keckley always follows the advice of ACT Security when planning for a new facility. That was especially true for their newest facility, Carrick Glen, in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. As a transitional care facility, Carrick Glen includes independent living, assisted living and a memory care wing — all on the same property.

For this project, ACT had to consider how to design a unified but flexible security system that considered the varying needs and abilities of residents across multiple assisted living settings.

Integrating Security Across Multiple Assisted Living Settings

Here’s a look at how ACT addressed the unique security needs for the varying resident populations at Carrick Glen:

Independent Living

Carrick Glen’s independent living facility includes 30 separate townhouse-style residences on private streets called “villas.”

Because residents live on their own and have control over their own cooking and laundry facilities, ACT provides residents with security features that keep them safe while maintaining their independence:

Assisted Living

In the assisted living facility, some residents are ambulatory, some use wheelchairs and others have very limited mobility. Because of this diverse population of physical abilities and medical conditions, ACT installed a wide range of technologies to keep residents safe:

Memory Care

Many residents of the memory care wing are physically healthy and may not need as much access to specialized medical assistance. However, the biggest concern for memory care patients is controlling their ability to leave the facility unsupervised.

If they exit on their own, they may face danger outside of the building or forget how to return. That’s why access control was our biggest goal for this population.

We incorporated the following security measures for residents in the security wing:

Why Goodworks Unlimited Trusts ACT for Assisted Living Security

Carrick Glen is just one of the Goodworks Unlimited facilities ACT has support with specialized technology and security.

Contact us to create a customized security plan to meet the unique needs of your assisted living, retirement, skilled nursing or long-term care facility.

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